B6I’m proud to be a law enforcement and forensic resource at SilverHart Writers with my friends Scott Silverii and Liliana Hart. Check out their incredibly helpful and fascinating website for writers.  It’s loaded with information on both traditional and self-publishing as well as links to many high-profile resource people. If you’re killing to write it right, let SilverHart be your accomplice. Click Here

B4And let me introduce you to Liliana and Scott – both very accomplished writers and business people who also operate SwatAcademy. Liliana Hart is the New York Times and USA Today BestSelling author of over 40 titles, including 3 million eBooks. Scott Silverii served over 20 years as a police officer in undercover, SWAT, and Task Force investigations. He recently retired as Chief of Police in Tibideaux, Lousiana, and holds a Ph. D. in Public Administration from the University of New Orleans. Click Here

Here’s my bio on their resource page. Click Here


Watch a great “Nooner” conversation we had on November 24, 2015. Click Here


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