Because to think otherwise is illogical.

GodAnd because we think, therefore we exist. And because we exist, therefore we were created. And therefore something created us.

And this is logical.

So… Tell me… Why are so many people uncomfortable with God?

God 3Like, lets give some credit  where credit’s due. To our creator.

Hey, I’m not flogging religion. Religion is about belonging to a particular set of values like the mainstreams of Christianity to Muslim to Hindi to Buddhist; and to all sorts of offshoots… and all those have something good to offer… but don’t get me going on whackos like Scientologists and J-Dubs that hi-jack the Lord.

You don’t have to be religious to be spiritual. And you don’t have to be Catholic to be Christian. And you don’t have to be smart to know that God exists.

Here’s a good quote from the Bible:

God 2‘Be still and know that I am’.

Now I think that’s God speaking.

One thought on “DOES GOD EXIST?

  1. Jana

    Can anyone be still? It seems we all have to fight, retaliate, shout and out-shout one another to prove that our own brand of righteousness is the best. We would all do better if we followed that specific counsel from the Big Book. Yep, I’m with you – that’s Him talking.


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