Headshot ImageWelcome to DyingWords. I’m Garry Rodgers — retired Homicide Detective and Forensic Coroner — now BestSelling Crime Writer and deadly blogger at The Huffington Post. My site is tag-lined Provoking Thoughts on Life, Death, and Writing because that’s what I do around here. Take a tour. Poke about. And don’t hesitate to give me a shout with comments & questions.


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NoLifeUntilDeath8No Life Until Death is the second crime thriller in the Sharlene Bate series. It’s set in Vancouver, Palo Alto, California, as well as in the Philippines and involves the black-market world of international trafficking in human organs. Its tagline is “Desperate people do desperate things” and asks “How far would you go to save your child?No Life Until Death is available in eBook format on Amazon.  Click Here

InTheAttic2In The Attic is based on the terrifying, true case I investigated where a psychopath, Billy Ray Shaughnessy, hid in his ex-girlfriend’s attic for 2 & 1/2 days with an ax before climbing down at 3 am and slaughtering Maria Dersch and her new lover. It’s graphically told from my first-person narrative as well as through Billy Ray’s thoughts as he lurked, eight feet above, and waiting to kill her. Get In The Attic on Amazon.  Click Here

UnderTheGround8Under The Ground is based on a true crime story where we ran an elaborate, undercover operation on a guy who murdered his girlfriend and buried her body. It’s a psychological thriller and tells how the undercover team, with guidance from the Behavioral Science Unit, sucked the killer into a fictional world of organized crime through the “Mister Big” sting. The killer confessed and led us to dig up the body. Where it was — truly shocking! Get Under The Ground on Amazon.  Click Here

Sun Dance – Why Custer Really Lost the Battle of the Litle Bighorn examines the phenomenal effect American Native spiritualism had on the Lakota Sioux and Northern Cheyenne warriors during one of the most important conflicts in United States history. Historians have spilled more ink than combatants did blood over reasons why most of the 7th Cavalry under Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer were wiped out. You’d think there’s no need for another Custermania book, but that’s wrong. I can’t find any published work on the effect Chief Sitting Bull’s sun dance ceremony had on psyching his warriors with an overwhelming will to fight and win. Sun Dance takes a thorough look at the history leading to the Battle of the Little Bighorn in 1876 and the fallout plighting American native people since. Email me for an Advanced Reading Copy.

GUIDES   Here’s the series on How to Write Deadly Crime Fiction


There are eight separate guides, each with 101 Killer Tips on Thrillers, Self-Editing, Crime Scenes, Dialogue, Characters, Forensics, Firearms, and Autopsies. You’ll soon get all in one book How To Write Deadly Crime Fiction – A No BS Guide with 808 Killer Tips. In the meantime, get the Guide with 101 Tips on Crime Thrillers FREE.  Click Here

THE MOOSEHIDE CAMPAIGN – Ending Violence Against Women and Children. I’m a strong supporter of this unique Indigenous Canadian movement to address violence against all women and children. It’s a program to raise awareness of this serious social problem endangering so many innocent people. The campaign has made over 1 million contacts and makes a difference to so many lives. Please help get the word out and support The Moosehide Campaign.  Click Here

EmilyE-BOOK SERVICES  My daughter, Emily Rodgers, is a freelance writer, editor, web designer, as well as a graduate in online marketing and professional sales. Combined, we do copy editing, proofreading, Word manuscript formatting, and eBook file conversions. Visit this page for all services and competitive rates.  Click Here

AA7RESOURCES   Here’s links to the best online and print-published resources on the craft of crime writing, blogging & forensic science that I’ve come across.  I’ve personally read every one & strongly endorse them.  Click Here

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AA8FAMOUS DYING WORDS   If you want a chuckle — or get provoked into thought — read what some of these famous (and not-so famous) folks said as their lights went out. Click Here

AA9BETA READING   I do a bit of Beta Reading for other crime writers. It’s more for technical accuracy on forensics & procedure, rather than syntax & diction. There’s no cost. The pay-it-forward is in helping others and, selfishly, I learn by it. Click Here

B5GET TO KNOW ME  Watch my two interviews on SilverHart Writers with Chief of Police Scott Silverii and New York Times / USA Today Bestselling author, Liliana Hart. These are great insight into my background, sense of humor, and thoughts about life, death, and writing.  Click Here  And Click Here

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  1. Jim Hunt

    I just wanted to say thanks for collecting all these resources. I am working on a story in which a high school forensic science teacher and his class work together to solve a mystery. If I can do what I am planning, each chapter will have a classroom lesson to introduce a principle or technique that the class will later use as they solve the mystery. I think some of those resources will really help.
    And congrats on your book, I look forward to reading it before long.


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