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A1Here are the best informational books and websites on writing and forensics I’ve found so far. The list continually grows as I find and learn new stuff. If you’ve something you’d like added, think should be shared, or find an error please email me at garry.rodgers@shaw.ca and I’ll link it.

Writing, Editing & Publishing Books

On Writing – Stephen King  (Writing)

Elements Of Style – Strunk and White (Writing)

Wired For Story – Lisa Cron (Writing Science)

60 Ways To Murder Your Fictional Characters – Sue Coletta (Writing)

Story Engineering – Larry Brooks (Writing)

Story Physics – Larry Brooks (Writing)

The Little Red Writing Book – Brandon Royal (Writing)

The Little Gold Grammar Book – Brandon Royal (Writing)

The Accidents of Style – Charles Harrington Elster (Writing)

The Emotion Thesaurus – Angela Ackerman / Becca Puglisi (Writing)

This Year You Write Your Novel – Walter Mosley (Writing)

Complete Write A Novel Course – Will Buckingham (Writing)

The Craft & Business Of Writing – Assorted Contributors (Writers Digest)

The Complete Handbook Of Novel Writing – Assorted Contributors (Writers Digest)

Writing Fiction For Dummies – Randy Ingermanson & Peter Economy (Writing)

The Everything Guide To Writing A Novel – Joyce & Jim Laverne (Writing)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Writing A Novel – Tom Montelone (Writing)

How To Write A Book in 20 Steps – Jerry B. Jenkins (Writing)

Thanks, But This Isn’t For Us – Jessica Page Morrell (Editing)

Self-Editing For Fiction Writers – Renni Browne & Dave King (Editing)

Self-Editing For Fiction Writers – (Free, Downloadable PDF Version)

The Story Grid – Shawn Coyne (Editing & Outlining)

Little Book of Self-Editing For Writers – Bridget McKenna (Editing)

Indie Authors Guide to Book Editing –  Sarah Kolb-Williams (Editing)

How To Self-Edit Your Book – Laura Bowers (Editing)

ProWritingAid – 20 Editing Tips (Promotion for Aditing App PDF)

Author’s Quick Guide To Editing Your Book – Kristen Eckstein

Write. Publish. Repeat – Sean Platt & Johnny B. Truant (Publishing)

Publishing eBooks For Dummies – Ali Luke (Publishing)

2015 Guide To Self-Publishing – Assorted Contributors (Publishing)

Start Here: How To Self-Publish a Book – Jane Friedman’s Step-by-Step Guide

APE – How To Publish A Book – Guy Kawasaki & Shawn Welch (Publishing)

How To Market A Book – Joanna Penn (Marketing)

Business For Authors – Joanna Penn (Business)

How To Make A Living With Your Writing – Joanna Penn (Business)

The Book Designer – Joel Friedlander (Publishing)

99Designs – Economical & Quality Book Covers (Publishing)

WebsiteSetup – How to Build a Custom WordPress Website (Web Tech)

Build Your Author Platform – Carole Jelen & Michael McCallister (Social Media)

Think And Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (Motivation)

Writing, Editing & Publishing Websites

SueColetta.com – Fellow Crime Writer (Great Content!)

SilverHart – Scott Silverii & Liliana Hart’s Crime/Thriller Writing & Publishing Academy

The Creative Penn – Joanna Penn (Business and Writing)

Hunter’s Writings – Extensive Links to Crime Thriller Resources

Fiction Writer’s Mentor – Tracy Culleton’s Awesome Writing Resources

A Novel Edit / The Magic of Fiction – Beth Hill (Editing)

The Editors Blog – Beth Hill’s site

Writing Numbers In Fiction – Beth Hill’s Blog Post (Writing & Editing)

Showing & Telling Particulars – More from Beth Hill

DIY/MFA – Gabriella Pereira’s Do It Yourself Masters of Fine Arts (Writing)

How To Edit Your Own Book – BookBaby (Loaded With Excellent Links)

How To Format An eBook – Nepo Press (Simple Step-by-Step Video Tutorial)

How To Publish An EBook – Post by Jane Friedman with Lots of Links

Calibre eBook Conversion – Calibre-ebook.com (Free Software For Simple eBook Formatting)

The Book Designer – Joel Friedlander (2-Way Templates for eBook Formatting)

Reedsy – Comprehensive Book Publishing Services

Reedsy – How to Format a Book

Reedsy – How to Copyright a Book

MarcyKennedy.com – Check out Marcy’s Busy Writer’s Guides – Awesome!

JessicaMorrell.com – (Writing and Editing Tips)

Points Of View – Briget Mckenna’s Site (Writing & Editing)

Online Learning Center – Glossary of Fiction Terms (Writing & Editing)

King County Editorial Style Guide – Excellent Resource from a Government Department

Common Errors In English Usage – Great Alphabetical Database With Search Engine

PhraseFinder – Locate Origins And Meanings Of Common and Unique Sayings

Visual Thesaurus – Online Thesaurus With Search Engine

RefSeek.com – Online Almanacs (Huge Resource)

WorldAtlas.com – Cool Interactive Trip Around The World)

ObituariesHelp.org – Scads Of Information About Writing Obituaries And Funeral Planning

Northwest Independent Editors Guild – Great Connection To Editors

BrandonRoyal.com – The Little Red Writing Book (And Others)

Karen Woodward Blog & Resources – (Writing)

Virtual Salt – A Handbook of Rhetorical Devices – (Writing)

The Search Engine For Writers – (You Name It)

Keyboard Shortcuts For MS Word – (Valuable Editing Tool)

WordTips – Allen Wyatt’s Quick Tips & Links to Everything About MS Word

ThePunctuationGuide.com – Great, Simple, Interactive Site for Proper Punctuation

ClicheSite.com – Search Engine and List of Cliches From Around The World

Colette Sartor’s Writing Resources – (Spend All Day Here)

StoryFix.com – Larry Brooks’s site (Writing)

StoryGrid.com – Shawn Coyle’s site (Editing and Outlining)

ThrillWriting.Blogspot – Fiona Quinn’s site (Lots of Tips)

Scene Editing Checklist – Susanne Lakin’s Template

WriteOnSisters.com – Gobs of Info here

BadRedheadMedia.com – Rachel Thompson (Social Media)

Phrase Finder – Origins of English Phrases

Josh Vogt’s Links to Writing Craft & Business – Over 150 Links to Great Info

Katherine O’Moore-Klopf – (Dozens of Links to Editing Resources)

Grammar Girl – Minon Fogarty’s Quick & Dirty Tips on Writing and Just About Everything Else

Grammar Girl’s Self-Editing Checklist – More from Mignon Fogarty

Humintell – Detecting Emotions From Expressions

Copyright & Fair Use – Legal Tips via Jane Friedman

GrammarCheck.net – Great Tool For Proofing Your Content

TurboTax – A Tax Cheat Sheet For Kindle Self Publishing

Who Is Hosting This – What Freelance Writers and Professional Bloggers Do

InformED – 25 Ways To Boost Your Writing Skills (must read)

WordHippo.com – A Dictionary on Steroids

BuzzFeed.com – Style Guide with Everything From Slang to Abbreviations to Locations

Green’s Dictionary of Slang – Great Search Engine for Slang & Swearing

Anne R. Allen – Blog Post From Anne’s Site With Extensive Links For Fiction Writing Words

Happy2MoveLondon.co.uk – Complete Dictionary of Cockney Slang

Forensic Books

Forensic Science – An Introduction to Scientific and Investigative Techniques (Science)

Post Mortem – Establishing Cause Of Death – Dr. Cyril Wecht (Pathology)

Forensics For Dummies – D.P. Lyle (General)

Howdunnit Guide to Forensics – D.P. Lyle (General)

Autopsy Guide For Screenwriters and Novelists (General)

Forensic Pathology Basics For Writers (General)

Gray’s Anatomy For Students – (Simplified)

Writers Guide To Weapons – Benjamin Sobieck (Technical)

Analyzing Ballistic Evidence – Tony Latham (Technical)

Working Stiff – Dr. Judy Melinek (Medical Examiner & Forensic Pathologist)

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis – (Educational / Simplified Guide PDF)

Missing Persons Investigations – Training Manual / Guidelines for California Police Officers

Forensic Websites

Forensic Outreach

Forensic Science Central

Forensic Science Simplified

Simplified Guide To Toxicology

Forensic Science Resources

Forensic Magazine

The Forensics Forum

Forensic Pathology Forum


Practical Homicide Investigation


Crime Traveller – Researching Crime and the Criminal Mind

NCSTL.org – Finding Forensic Resources on the Web

National Forensic Science Technology Center – nfstc.org

Introduction to Criminology & Forensic Science

Explore Forensics

InnerBody.com – Interactive 3D Site on Anatomy

Become A Forensic Scientist

Homicide Investigation Checklist

Working With The FBI – Resources for Writers and Producers

FBI Statistics On Serial Killers

FBI Multi-Discipline Investigators Perspective on Serial Murderers

Cause Mapping / Link Analysis

Crime Scene Forensics

Criminal Justice Writers

The Graveyard Shift – Lee Lofland

The Writers Forensics Blog


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