You died on ——- –, —-  at ——– due to ———– (fill in the blanks).

Death CertVital Statistics in 2113 will have a record of the date of your death, the place, and the cause. This government bureaucracy will also record the place/method of your interment.

It’s called a death certificate and, for all intents and purposes, it’s already filled out.

Or is it?

Man, what a heady thought.

Kiss of deathNo matter what you do, you’re going to die sometime.

And that will have a fixed date, place, and cause.

But is it already decided?

Or does time have to play out with the kazillion life-factors manipulating your fate?

I think nothing is yet written and the future writes itself as it goes along.

FateI believe we all have choices, but we’re at the mercy of the world to a great degree.

So, make the best of your decisions.

The rest of your life depends upon them.

What do you think?

I’m dying to hear your words.


  1. Cyd Madsen

    Hi Gary. Love the tweaks to the site. It looks good, and the writing gives me chills. That’s a good thing:-)

    I’ve been on the “choice” bandwagon for a long time now, but recently some things have happened that make me question just how much control we really have over every aspect of our lives. About 10 years ago I went through an experience that was (I hate this word, but, oh well) traumatic. I had a lot of help getting through it and thought it had been resolved and put to rest long ago. Recently something happened that suggested it was starting up again, and I was stunned at my reaction, which seemed rational at the time. Within three days, I’d calmed down and could see that I’d been irrational. It was disturbing to discover something dealt with so long ago still had control over my choices and actions, and how quickly those choices and actions were beyond my control. I’m also reading a book on willpower and another on habits that have increased my awareness of how we’re at the mercy of so many influences in our lives we’re not even aware of. The good news is once you’re aware of those influences, then you can take action and reclaim your choices. Within reason, that is.

    Even those of us who write for a livelihood or a hobby are writing out the story of our lives with each choice we make. Some of those choices fill in the blanks of our obituary. None of us are getting out of this life without regrets, so I’ve always said we should chose our regrets wisely. When we chose one thing, it always involves turning our backs on something else, so that means each choice is actually two for the price of one.

    I hope for all of us that the price is reasonable, and we get what we pay for.

    Keep blogging. This is shaping up to be a great adventure.


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