Do you ever think about how everything is a dichotomy?

Life and DeathLife and death. Order and chaos. Good and evil.

There’s two sides to every coin; heads and tails.

You can’t have a front without a back. An up without a down. An in without an out. And you sure can’t have a top without a bottom.

Nor can you have life without death.. or death without life.

George BurnsDo you remember the movie “O God” with George Burns as the big guy?

The little girl who co-starred (can’t recall her name, but she was excellent) challenged God to prove his existence. He really had to think and then he told her about opposites. He said you can’t have hot without cold, happy without sad, full without hungry, safe without danger, and he went on with a lot more dichotomies. He said that it was him, God, that made it all happen.

She took it all in and asked what his opposite was. He replied without hesitation “The Devil”. She asked how to protect herself from the Devil. God told her to always believe in God and ask for God’s help.

Just like I do every day and I hope you do, too.

But my vision of God may be a little different than yours.

God B&WI don’t buy into the conventional religions which work a fear/reward factor into forcing you to follow the herd. I don’t see God a vain old white man in flowing robes sitting on a throne in the sky and meddling in the day to day affairs of individual humans; a God who you have to suck-up to in order to get to heaven, or keep out of hell.

No, I see God in everything. From the stars and the sea, the trees and the critters, and in other people. I see God as that non-local plane of infinite intelligence that makes it all happen.

And I believe that we’re simply a part of God and that we can ask for and get guidance, if we just believe in God and know what we want when we ask.

And it’s up to us as individuals to take responsibility to do the right thing, not the wrong thing.

Right and WrongHmm. Another dichotomy. Right and wrong.

Just like life and death.


  1. Lauren

    sept13 – working single mom mentors & sits neighbour kids as well as her own 2, ends up shot dead at work, leaving her kids with her bi-polar sister.
    nov3 – lifelong gangbanger suffers burns going into building to rescue 2 children recently orphaned and their bi-polar caretaker. Says “that’s the ultimate in power, bro – kill 3, that’s that, save 3, everyone that comes from them forevermore is gonna be like you actually spawned them.
    Dichotomies -Wouldn’ be a crime book worth reading without ’em.

  2. Jana

    Well said!
    The Higher Power Planning Committee got it right when he/she/they ‘created’ dichotomies. How else would we know the sweet if we did not experience the bitter.
    Thanks for a great posting.


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