Whether you’re Christian or not, you have to behold the enormous impact Jesus of Nazareth continues to have on humanity.

JCTwenty-one centuries after his recorded birth, approximately 2.2 billion souls adhere to Christianity; a mainstay being their belief that Jesus possessed supernatural abilities. The religion asks you to accept the Articles of Faith – the Immaculate Conception, the Miracles, direct communication with the Divine, and the Resurrection. All of these require your acceptance that Jesus was, and continues to be, a supernatural entity. The payback of your faith is everlasting life for your soul.

So what, exactly, does supernatural mean? Without checking with Webster, I’d say it’s events for which there appears no natural, scientific explanation. Much of our understanding of science comes from operating in our timeline. 2,000 years ago the PC I’m writing this on, and the Internet connection you’re receiving it through, would be mind-blowing. We’d probably get stoned for Blogging.

3D1Over the past two years, I did a lot of investigation into the supernatural while writing No Witnesses To Nothing. The novel’s based on a true-crime story where many believe paranormal intervention occurred, as there’s no natural, scientific explanation for what went down during a police operation on a frozen Canadian Yukon lake, 27 years ago.

My research into the science and spirituality behind the human soul took me into the worlds of organized religion, First Nations mythology, Shamanism, consciousness, and quantum physics. I confirmed there’s a lot of really weird shit that goes down which science sucks at explaining, but there’s continual scientific progress being made into understanding all kinds of fascinating things.

Higgs BosonThis year, the Higgs Boson confirmation bust the quantum door wide-open in our understanding how the sub-atomic communicates – some call it the ‘God Particle’. Another little gem is in DNA research with single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) explaining how genetic code realignment at the quantum level accounts for how chameleons and cuttlefish camouflage – they think themselves into shifting shape.

Christ on CrossI believe that the human soul exists, and I made an attempt to scientifically & spiritually explain how the soul works. But I gotta admit that it comes down to faith, just as 1/3 of humanity accepts that Jesus Christ is supernatural and I respect that.

What do you think? Have I been drinking the Cool-Aid?

I’m dying to hear your words.


  1. becky dotdata

    Loved the article. Thought provoking and way too deep after a glass or 3 of champagne. Thank you and merry Christmas.

  2. Guy Lepage

    Hi Garry,
    I find it odd that we can accept accient history of different civilizations, often writen over relivelay short period of time, by relively unsuported authers,by holigraph imagess and archiological diggings and by verbal memories passed from generation to genarations. All those histric storries have one centric story. They reveal a common belief in a higher power. In our world the name of this higher power is, GOD
    Now, this JESUS, his coming, and what he represented were forecast by prophets 4000 year ago. His story, from birth, crusifiction and resurection is extensively recorded. It is generaly accpted by Chistians, Jews and Islam. It is true, that, subjects such the immaculate conception, the ascention to heaven, multitudes of miracles (sevrely recorded) are subjets of faith. I must admit that as a believer, I must be counted as one those ignorant followers. Garry, this is a subject that we must explor further, preferably with a good glass (bottle) of wine. If I may suggest I believe, the more you study the subject, the more you have check off the negative arguments.
    Anxiously waiting to buy the print copy of No Witness To Nothing. It’s a great read. Keeps you wondering!

  3. Susan Russo Anderson

    Hi Garry,

    Another thought-provoking post and I don’t have an answer for you other than that faith is a gift, and I’ve been gifted. The older I get, the more I believe in the paranormal, if sometimes I stretch the meaning.

    Very interesting the genetic code realignment of cuttlefish and chameleons shape shifting. I believe that some of that God Particle exists in us, too, allowing us to think into a major shape shifting change.

    Happy New Year and thanks again,


    Enjoying your book. After the holiday dust settles, I’m sure I’ll have more reading and will finish it.

    1. Garry Rodgers Post author

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you, too, Susan.

      I’m not a Christian, per se, but I have no problem believing that Jesus existed and was, at very least, a person with ‘advanced intuitive awareness’. That’s a term I came across & like. My research also ‘awakened’ me to a strong, but low-key movement which believes that humans are undergoing a major evolutionary leap; one in which a greater awareness of personal consciousness and connection with its source will have a profound effect on our species – for the good!

      Your comment on ‘a major shape shifting change’ is rich, seasonal food for thought. And less sinful than chocolate & red wine 🙂



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