You’re going to die one day.

Death ClockYou just don’t know when.

But there’s a lot you can do to delay it.

The vast majority of deaths are preventable; or should I say – delayable.

What’s interesting is how the causes and contributors in death are intertwined, which puts delaying your death pretty much in your own hands.

Here’s how they rank:

accident5. Accidents

This includes motor vehicle, occupational, and residential mishaps. Dying in a plane crash is so, so, far down there – so don’t sweat your next flight. Motor vehicle incident (MVI) deaths are much more likely to claim younger people, as they’re much more likely to push the limits. And alcohol is the leading contributor to all fatal MVI’s.

copd4.  COPD – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

COPD is an all-encompassing term for your lungs being plugged. The usual suspect lifestyle contributors come into play – alcohol, diet, lack of exercise, obesity, and smoking.

cancer3.  Cancer

What can you say about the C-word? Nasty. You don’t want to go there. Funny how all-of-the-above contribute to cancer.

Heart attack2.  Cardiovascular Disease

Heart Attack. The Big One. A Jammer. There’s two main types. A Myocardial Infarction (MI), where the heart muscle dies. Or an Arrhythmia, where the electrical system shuts down. You don’t want to try these out, either. Ah, guess what causes heart attacks?

Old Age1.  Senescence

Biological aging. Really? Yep. Old age is the leading cause of death. Eventually that’ll do you in and that’s the one you should strive for. Provided you still have quality of life till it claims you. And, if you manage the 5 leading contributors…

5.  Alcohol

4.  Diet

3.  Lack Of  Exercise

2.  Obesity 

1.  Smoking

kieth richards…you’ll get the satisfaction of dying from old age.

5 thoughts on “5 LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH

  1. Lauren

    Wow! all those being most threatening make it seem safer to stumble around downtown drunk waving cab fare in the wee hours of the morning than to sit in a locked & alarmed home smoking while you check your email.

  2. Susan Russo Anderson

    Nice one, Garry! I didn’t know what COPD was, see a lot of commercials about it lately and they make it sound like a disease you can catch and if you’ve got it, just take a pill, don’t say anything about bad diet and lack of exercise.


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