What’s going to happen to you in death?

DeathWhere do you go? What will you do? Is it truly the end of your life? Or the beginning of another? Are you just going to have one long sleep? Or a continuation of your eternal journey?

HeavenWill you meet past departed loved ones? Or connect with your maker? Will you go to heaven? Or to hell? Will you be alone? Consoled? In purgatory, peace, or in peril? Pain? Comfort? Agony? Bliss?

I’ve been asked these questions, and a lot more, by those close to the deceased that I’d examined as a Coroner – bereaved folks, struggling for what makes sense. I don’t have the answers, still don’t, so I did a lot of listening and let them tell me their thoughts.

AfterlifeI observed one consistent thing about human nature. With the exception of the occasional atheist, a basic human trait is a belief in an afterlife. The form varies, but it seems programmed that somehow you recognize that you live on in death. It’s something… you just know.

It’s obvious that your physical body changes form after death, whether that be through natural decomposition or through a mortician’s craft, but what’s fascinating is what happens to the non-physical part of you…


In life, you’re a conscious being. Consciousness became part of your existence somewhere following your conception and will leave you somewhere around death. Where it came from… and where it goes? No one knows.

consciousnessThe study of consciousness is something that’s only beginning to be discovered in the human journey. Science knows much about what makes your body tick, but almost nothing about your mind.

And what’s your mind? It’s the facilitator of consciousness. The link between the terminal and the eternal; the body/mind duality that philosophers have struggled with since becoming aware of consciousness. So it makes sense that your mind is eternal, as is consciousness.

I think what’s behind the black door of death is exactly what was there before you came through it. You go back to the same state you were in before being born. Death just alters your state of consciousness and you continue to live on forever.

What do you think’s going to happen to you?

I’m dying to hear your words.


  1. Meridith Byrne

    Good questions, Gary. I sure want to believe in something beyond physical life. I feel like my consciousness is more than just electrical charges firing in my brain, but obviously we can’t know for sure. When my dad died, I started having a hope in heaven. I felt like there had to be a reward for such a great man as him. Thanks for putting this discussion out there. You have an interesting website.

    1. Garry Rodgers Post author

      Hi Meredith and thanks for your comments.

      I think so much comes down to what just plain makes sense. Everything we can observe in reality is a dichotomy, in that it has an opposite, so it makes sense that the consciousness in life must have its opposite of a consciousness in death. I also have faith in karma – what goes around, comes around – so I think it makes sense for you to have faith that you dad’s greatness in life will be rewarded in death. I also have faith that you’ll know one day and I hope that you have faith as well.

      BTW, I checked out your website 🙂 Time to finish your book and get it published!! If I can be any help in the process, I’d be pleased. That’s what the indie movement is about.


  2. Kathy Campbell

    Live well, love often, bring light, life and happiness to whatever comes your way.
    When we have lived well, we can go in peace. Like one candle lighting another the light moves on.


    1. Garry Rodgers

      Thanks, Mac.
      I try to provoke thinking and really appreciate responses. This blog site is a learning experience for me, as well.


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