Who is Joanna Penn and what does she know about marketing books?

Joanna PennI’ve never met Joanna in person, but I consider her a good friend. An internet friend. A modern day version of the old Penn-Pal, only without stamps.

Joanna is the reason I can brag about being an Amazon Top 10 BestSelling writer. I wrote a good book, which is job #1 for all authors, but it was Joanna who taught me how to market it. And without good marketing, my good book would never have made the good list.

Creative PennJoanna is the London, England, based creator of; consistently rated a Top 10 internet site for writers. For five years she’s led the pack in giving back her hard-earned knowledge to the international writing community and she’s got one hell of a loyal following.

How To Market Book #!Joanna is also one hell of a good thriller writer and I’m honored to work with her as a technical resource and Beta-Reader, but what I really want to brag about is her new release… How To Market A Book.

So what is ‘Marketing’ – Really?

Joanna says “Marketing is about sharing what you love with people who truly value hearing about it.”

So how do you go about doing that?

Well, How To Market A Book covers an extensive range of marketing principles, strategies, and tactics:

Part 1: Marketing Principles

Handshake WorldIncludes myths, how to balance your time, co-opetition’, and generosity.

Part 2: Prerequisites for Success

Understand yourself and your target market, professional editing and cover design, your book page on the retailer websites, pricing, and the use of free.

Part 3: No Platform Needed – Short-term Marketing

Book ReviewsHow to get book reviews, paid advertising, using traditional media and tips for TV, radio, and press releases.

Part 4: The Author Platform – Long-term Marketing

What ‘platform’ is and why it’s a good thing, author branding, your  website, list-building and email marketing, content marketing and blogging, audio and podcasting, video and book trailers, social networking, professional speaking, and becoming an author-entrepreneur.

Part 5: Launching Your Book

Book LaunchHow launching has changed with the digital revolution; soft launches, launch spikes, post launch and relaunch, as well as lessons learned from some major book launches.

There are some short-term tactics for those who want to kick up immediate sales, but the focus of the book is more about instilling values and marketing principles that will help your long-term career as a writer.

Joanna SpeakingJoanna goes beyond selling books. The methods in this guide will take you from being an author into professional speaking, making money from other products, and creating opportunities that you can’t even imagine yet.

How To Market A Book is just that – a How-To on what works… and what doesn’t…  in social media, presentations, audio & podcasts, brand-building, and on-line relationship building. She tells you exactly what algorithms, keywords, metadata, and SEOs are, and she has a particularly juicy part ‘Meat, Hook & Format – What Really Baits a Reader’.

Joanna GunI’m a big Joanna Penn fan and I love bragging about the effect she’s had on me. Her on-line mentoring and personal generosity helped my debut novel open in the Top 10 on Amazon and I’ve steadily built my blogsite and social media contacts based on her teachings.

How To Market Book #!It’s working for me. It’ll work for you. I can’t say enough about the benefits you’ll get from How To Market A Book.

Think about marketing the next time you pick up a Penn.


3 thoughts on “HOW TO MARKET A BOOK

  1. Rochelle

    I love Joanna! She is an invaluable resource for any author. I have picked up her newest book and am about to sit down to read it. I’m happy to hear how well her knowledge has helped you! Off topic, but I love your cover!

    1. Garry Rodgers Post author

      Hi Rochelle,

      I couldn’t agree more about Joanna. She’s a gem; a self-made gem. I’m doing another guest post on her site in August called ‘Autopsy on an Amazon BestSeller’ which is an internal look at how No Witnesses To Nothing made it on the Top 10 list (With considerable push by Joanna). We hope it helps others to achieve the same.

      The cover image was done by Derek Murphy of Creative Indie Covers, who does all Joanna’s art work. She referred me to him and I couldn’t have been happier. Lots of great comments and one award mention on it.

      Best wishes for success on your upcoming novel!

      Regards, Garry

  2. Cyd Madsen

    Hi Gary. I’m well acquainted with Joanna but have been so wrapped up with film I was unaware she’d published a new book. Didn’t know you’ve published yours, either. Congratulations!

    And congratulations to all of us. We’ve got two new books to read 🙂


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