This fun guest post is by Valerie Rind, author of GOLD DIGGERS & DEADBEAT DADS at .

Imagine that you’re incarcerated.

BarbedWireXSmall (2)Living your final days in solitary confinement.

The Governor hasn’t called with a last minute pardon and your lawyer gave up long ago. 

You get to order anything you want for your last meal on death row. Any cuisine! What will be on your plate?

I’d order pizza. New York style (is there any other?), with lots of veggies. 

Wait, add the pepperoni!

It’s greasy and fattening, but I don’t need to worry about gaining weight tonight. My orange prison jumpsuit is still baggy.

The prison doctor may weigh me in the morning to calculate how much lethal liquid to inject into my bloodstream.

But something tells me I won’t be worrying about what he or anyone else thinks about my physique.

Do they serve beer or wine with The Last Supper in prison?

A glass or three of a nice Australian shiraz, please.

No alcohol? OK, fresh squeezed lemonade.  And not that instant powdery stuff.

My dessert has to be Ben & Jerry’s ice cream Either Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch or Pistachio Pistachio.

Or both. I’m not picky.

And I get to have a pre-execution snack, right? Twizzler’s red licorice, of course.

What would you order for the last meal of your life?

Why wait? Have it tonight.

It won’t kill you.

*   *   *

Val2Valerie Rind is a friend who’s authored a tremendous financial advice book titled Golddiggers and Deadbeat Dads. Get it on Amazon at . Here’s a bio from Valerie.

During a hiatus from my career as a corporate attorney, I worked for a local housing authority, where I created its pilot personal finance program for 300 low-income individuals. Well, that sure was a change of pace …

Val1I founded VSJ Enterprises, LLC, a company that provided budget counseling for private clients. It’s now a publishing company with a grand total of one title and is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association. For fun, I served as one of the founding volunteer moderators for the myFICO community forum. My resume is a checkerboard with gigs like sailing on Caribbean yachts, running the office of a TV/film casting company, and negotiating megabucks contracts for a Fortune 200 technology company. Irrelevant credentials: BA in Russian Language & Literature from Duke University. LLB and LLM degrees from the University of Sydney. Yes, in Australia. I currently live in the Washington, DC area.

Not interested in coffee. Fueled by red Twizzlers!

Valerie Rind is the author of GOLD DIGGERS & DEADBEAT DADSVisit her website at  Follow her on Twitter at

I highly recommend Valerie’s book. It should be mandatory reading in the library of life.




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